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I want whats best for the project, because its best for the client.








“When I have a client that is upset I call Valhalla and let them take over. Having a knowledgeable third party find solutions that work with someone who is already upset has been vital to keeping my good name with at least 8 clients, so far. I have also used them for several issues with city permits and even one trade issue. The cost is well worth the time and drama saved.
— Bradley MItchell
I hired Valhalla to do a proforma on several properties. I was getting discouraged and ready to give up or settle. But when I got the email that a property I found worked...WOW. The confirmation with all the information on why it was a winner was such an amazing feeling. Im glad I was patient in waiting for a real deal.
— Shannon Quest
The information is out there to have a successful project.Having an honest person translate it all to relate directly to your project is a godsend.
— Mark Bishop - Private Investor

We saved time and money, every time we work with you.
— David Blankinship - R.E.I.T. Board memeber

Your understanding of the legal ins and outs of startups was essential to our current success. And your ability to find a win-win in a time of stress was outstanding.
— Gina Gambrero - Private Capitol investor

You are a straight forward businessman who knows his business. I have been working back and forth with you and your clients for years and have never heard anything but great things from your attempts to satisfy the best needs of the client. I have also learned a lot from you, and you like sharing the information you have obtained quite freely.
You are very motivated to use your immense drive towards achieving whatever you set your mind to. That and your massive network of people you know personally can get almost anything you want done in construction and real-estate in Houston TX.

thank you
— Ed Ayers - President & CEO Houston Realty Advisors

I thought for sure we would lose everything in a lawsuit but then you came in and really changed everything. We are SO HAPPY with our new space!! THank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
— Emily Rothstien - Construction Manager R.E.I.T. Houston