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My friend died, and all he left me was sad and motived.

We only met a few years back and he wasn't into real estate anymore, he drove a limo and liked taking selfies with celebrities and politicians. He was grey and bald while usually wearing a fairly nice black suit and tie, even when not working. He got out of real estate to spend more time with his kids and have some time to play guitar. Well, by the time I met him he was enjoying the fun part of his job, but missed the challenge and the money. Even though he was a fairly successful investor and still owned a few rentals he just couldn't bring himself to jump back into the waters. Its not easy, not part time, and not something you can be passionate about, partially. 

He recently quit driving a limo and got a gig with a developer in the construction department, his idea of putting a toe back into the business; with full benefits. He seemed to really be on the path, and as anyone who has ever gone all the way in real estate you know the addiction and excitement. 

Last Friday he passed, and frankly I wasn't just a little shocked. He just seemed to get life by the horns again and really seemed more than "happy". He was joyful, excited, ready to really rock AND roll. Now he is gone and I am left wondering about all the little time I waste on bull(pucky). How much I do because its what I think I am supposed to do, how much of life is just going through the motion or "killin time". 

Its sad when people go, but in tribute to my friend I am going to think of all he didn't get to every time I put off what I need to get to....and take a ride in a limo.

Jeph Burnett