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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

I don't "wholesale", I hustle and work with those who do too.

I have tried to wholesale deals that I just don't have time for, but I don't want to hold peoples hands for a month and jump through hoops for a few grand. I don't understand the shear amount of time wasted by people who are "kicking tires", by lying about what they know and what they can do. I cannot even tell you how many people have been super excited, motivated, worked hard, to make something happen, but then when something they said turns out to not be true and they can't do what they said they could they disappear. Poof, gone. 

I haven't had an issue finding deals in years. I can get what I want within a month once I decide I am ready to take on another one. Its all about how much effort I want to put into things I know get me results. I know I can wholesale a deal, but frankly if there isn't enough meat on the bone for me to do it, then there usually isn't enough to justify the money I can make handing it over to someone else. 

Heck, I even stopped giving away stuff that had meat, but I didn't have time for. The amount of "BS" in being monkey in the middle, for something I wasn't even getting paid for was ridiculous and ultimately got me blamed for things I shouldn't have been involved in.

Luckily, I do work with a lot of great investors. But typically if we are talking about a deal its something we wind up partnering on, or just giving each other advice. Its interesting how being a professional who is hired to evaluate properties by some of the biggest REIT's in the country, insurance companies and lawyers hire me to mitigate damages / counter claims of other construction pro's, and by hundreds of contractors to review their bid proposals, I just don't feel like selling myself and my integrity to someone who ultimately was lying about their ability to close on a deal. 40k-40m I have seen "investors" lie about their ability to do all size projects. When if they were honest then they could have had people working to get them where they needed, and not just "kicking tires" for the sake of dreaming.

Jeph Burnett