Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

20+ Years as a GC and 15+ as an investor. Here is 10 things.

1. How ignorant someone is to the realities of this industry is 100% a choice.

2. Being "taken" is 90% people wanting something w/out working for it or paying what they knew it was worth.

3. "Pro" and "Mentor" are both things that are claimed FAR too often by people who are neither.

4. There are those who find problems, and those who find solutions. 

5. Excuses and blame dont fix anything.

6. Win-Win's require working with people of integrity. 

7. If the masses are doing something, you probably should find another path.

8. Cliche's are everywhere, few have substance.

9. Facts matter if you care about the truth.

10. Time is far more valuable than money, and thats rarely talked about.

There is a lot of negativity in this business, a lot. And there is a lot of trolls tossing out shiny lures that seem like an easy route for those too busy in their attempts to survive and thrive; just want a break.

Its not that complicated though. Find a property that is under value and figure out a way to work with the owners to capture that value. Either via a partnership with them, or a buy out. The reality is that being an "entrepreneur" is learning that every rejection is a step closer to your goal, not a reason to quit or take an "easy" path.

Jeph Burnett