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How to build a team, or hire one.

I am constantly hearing about "bad contractors" or how people got screwed by a trade or G.C. When I dig into the details I usually find that it was just bad communication and misguided both parties.

I used to be a GC, and out of 1000's of projects and dozens of trades per project, I have never had to sue or been sued by a trade. Never. We always have worked it out, sometimes after elevated tone and some choice words. But at the end of the day I was always in the position of power, the arbiter of integrity. Sometimes that cost me a lot. Owning my own mistakes, even if it cost me time/money was never easy and it happened a lot. Clients didn't care if I forgot a room needed paint so I didn't charge them, they thought it was included because I said "everything was included". Trades shouldn't be asked to make up for my mistake by painting that room for free. 

Greed is the #1 thing that messes up construction projects. By property owners and trades/GC's alike. People, are fallible and absolutely never perfect. Sure, everyone agree's with that. Yet, when a "failure" by a trade happens not many are willing to truly work to insure that trade still has the best outcome for them. I would far rather lose 1k on a project, than lose a trade who makes me tens of thousands. People always ask how my "team" is so loyal, and the answer is simple. We don't give up on each other over failures or mistakes and we OWN our own behaviors. Plus, I tend to enjoy the company of those who are passionate about what they claim to be an expert in.

It takes awhile to learn personalities in construction, but its not impossible or something that takes forever. Its like figuring out who is full of it on social media, or on infomercials. You can learn to read phrasings and terms used, and the tone in which its presented. Of course, trusting people you hire is vital, and nearly as important as verifying. 

Put in the work to build a team, and HONESTLY work to build your business by building up others business's. GC's or trades you hire all are just wanting success, a good life, and a happy client. VERY few "tradesmen" are frauds or "scam artist". Most who are called such are just bad at communication, and feel its pointless to try. 

Personally, I enjoy the personalities. Its fun to go to one of my sites and see a 23yr old clean cut carpenter and a 70yr old heavily tattooed electrician crying laughing about something as you walk in, and to see their work is top notch. Its building an environment that people want to participate in that builds loyalty. Its not just the pay, or the amount of projects you can hire them for; its about how working for you makes them feel. 

"This is just business" 

A business of people/personalities.

Jeph Burnett