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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Just wanting your first bad enough could make it your last.

Emotion is a great thing for humans, bad for investors. You have to be empathetic and all that, but you also cannot let emotion blind your logic. Best wishes and hopes don’t pay the bills and not verifying details or allowing yourself to be blind and deaf to warning sirens is how people fail, hard, and with finality. I don’t blame, its not my thing. But, the fault does lie with the individuals for their behaviors. i.e. maybe there is enough fault to be spread. The fault of the investor just hungry to get their first deal, or the whole seller hungry to get theirs?

You cannot always see the situation you are in when you are in it. Like being in a valley and not seeing a tide coming from a broken dam. Or being in the masses and just wanting a way out from the crowd. The truth is, that most people starting out make the exact same failures over and over. And there are people who specialize in taking from them what they can while they can. Its unfortunate, but its how its always been in my time around this business.

“Just because everyone else is doing it….” we have all heard this our whole lives. Trendy doesn’t mean right, or productive. What it means is that you will feel like you fit in, that you are on the right path. Cool even. But thats where the vultures lie in wait, thats where the truth is obscured by the dust of the stampede.

Real estate is always a buyers or sellers market and there are always issues (excuses) for “investors” during both. The constant is the masses doing one thing and failing while blaming the business, while they only ever played a game. Contractors are only as bad as you allow them and agents dont’ owe you more effort than you give them. If people don’t seem to want to serve you, than move on to those who want to help build your team, and each others success.

Look deep into what you want, don’t rush, as the only thing that makes your first deal getting done hard is your own doubts. The only thing that can make your first deal a failure is your own failures to trust, but verify and to gain all the information and facts you can from reliable sources, and not the vultures alone. Hear them out, so you know what tricks to avoid but then move along and leave the crowd to make your own path to success.

Jeph Burnett