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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Emotional Seperation in property qualification

I haven't been able to figure out when being around some Real Estate Investors why so many willingly, or unwillingly,  mislead themselves and others. I understand emotional aspects and getting excited about a deal. Or the immense pressures that come with putting one together. But to choose properties as comparable that simply do not compare is beyond willinglyful ignorance, its deceptive. And to downplay the repairs needed just to bring the property to the bottom rung of Life Safety and usability....its gross. 

I have never needed to under play repairs needed or to fluff up the value of a property to make money. I just buy things that I know I can afford to fix right and pay ethical people a living wage. I want to be adding value to the world, my community, and others lives. I enjoy that I can, because I choose, to do it in a moral way that is also amazing at rewarding me financially.

Jeph Burnett