Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Figuring out the first step is just a first step.

It seems like I have a nack for finding amazing deals. Its never clear at first, and they almost all require a well developed plan, and a VAST experience. Its like doing this for so long I know how all the magic tricks work. No slight of hand or misdirection can fool me. I know about the mirrors and trap doors. But in the end, getting reliable people to invest in deals is hard.  I've been fortunate and have worked with several VERY good private money lenders. They started out like a hard money loan w/ a bit better terms, but turned into great relationships. But, as they all do, eventually they "make enough" to move on to invest in deals that are massive. Thats not my wheelhouse, I like deals under 10m and even though I have done MUCH larger, its just not worth the time and effort...even though the money is great. To me its about balance. Doing what I love. And getting to add value to others lives (the end user/trades/lenders/realtors/etc). I pay more than most, so I don't make as much as I could in more way than one. Its not that I don't like money, I do. I just have found that I am happier working with those who are happy working w/ me. That philosophy hasn't made me the Billions I feel I deserve ;) but I am building a legacy that I can have pride in the fact that my ego nor greed cost me my integrity.

Jeph Burnett