Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Its never a good time to invest in real estate, if you ask.

I have been around just long enough to see the ups and downs in the market, several times. When its a "buyers market" people will claim its a bad time to buy because there are no buyers and when its a "sellers market" they will claim their are no deals. 

Round and round, and at the end of the day; Its always a good time to buy as an investor. You have to be willing to duck and dive, swerve and move with what is happening around you.

I don't advertise that I buy houses, other than to every person I meet. I don't bother with internet ads or bandit signs. That stuff leads to work, and I am an investor not a go-for. I set myself up a system so deals come to me. Its not in MASS so I am not looking through 3-5 deals a day searching. I maybe look at 3-4 deals a week. Out of those I usually will pick up 1 or 2 a month, at the most. But keep in mind, these deals are fantastic;

(recent deal *close tomorrow)

4-2-2 on corner lot, with detached 3 car and 1-1-with a sleeping loft.

75k purchase

25k rehab (pier and beam raised 6" for future maintenance and updates like paint and countertops)

180k ARV

1550.00 per month rent main house

750.00   per month on detached apartment

2300.00 Gross income

This is one I am going to add to my portfolio instead of flip, but is typical of the type of income (hold or flip) that I do. 

(recent deal *close the 29th)


60k purchase

10k make ready

125k ARV

1400.00 per month rent

This one is a flip. The numbers on a hold would make sense, but its in an area that I don't want to drive to; again...I only do the deals the way I want. 

It takes time, its frustrating, and the more demanding of a deal the longer/harder it will be. But its worth it. The deals are out there. And one good deal is worth 10 okay ones, and for me I would rather have the free time that enticed me into being an investor in the first place.

Jeph Burnett