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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

If everyone is an "investor" than nobody really is.

I am not a meetup type, or one that goes on bus tours for deals. I don't really like meetings with groups or going to seminars. It just seems like a socializing event and not a way to do business, in real estate.

Everyone you meet there is "an investor" regardless if they are investing in real estate currently or have never done a single deal; still an investor?

People will spend months/years of time reading books and researching, but never pulling the trigger. Its sad, but understandable. I have been looking into going to Peru for 20yrs.

I guess it makes it hard to start an honest conversation in mass when so many identify as something they don't practice.

It waste their time, my time, and frankly is the most frustrating part of this business. 

i.e. people who label themselves but then don't do what the label says.


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Jeph Burnett