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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.


There are a lot of bad trades and contractors around. It doesn't matter what part of the country you are in, or even what part of the world. Its not just the business, its humanity. Not everyone who takes on a job title is actually good at or even desires to do that job. Lawyers to Realtors, Doctors to policemen. Everyone has a run in with a "professional" who doesn't behave as such.

Depending on where you live, (Im in Texas) you have a lot of options. The best one is to figure out how much of a professional your potential trade is before you even reach out. You can do this VERY easy now days. Social media and the internet has made researching and even getting referrals very easy. Keep in mind, that people who rush to find someone to do a job for them, and even worse want it done "cheap" will often find themselves "in a pickle".

But even those who do their research, get references, and do their homework find themselves with a bad contractor/trade. 90% of the time the thing getting in the way of the project is ego. Lots of people get into projects they can't get out of, under budgeted, over promised, etc. And sometimes project owners are unreasonable, or uninformed. These are the main causes of law suits. Rarely is the company who is checked out and watched over the one who takes advantage or "screws up big time". Yes trades are responsible for their workmanship/results, but if its your investment then you are responsible for them. (just ask your lender)

At the end of the day a good, honest, respectful, line of communication can resolve most problems. Its getting all sides to let go of their idea of a "win" in order to allow both parties to come to resolution that they both "win"...i.e. win-win.

If your best efforts to resolve this matter in my suggested way doesn't work, contact me for a free consultation on litigation avoidance. Working things out, outside of court, is the best resolution for all parties. i.e. win-win.

Jeph Burnett