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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Contractor issues? Only the lawyers win if you go to court.

Avoiding problems is great, but rare in the world of construction. Good communication and fact based plans are the best way to make that happen. If its too late for that, and now you are in a disagreement then you need someone who is an expert to evaluate your current situation and make a plan to get you out and back on track to completion.

The reality is that people become emotional, they lose site of the "win-win" and the ultimate goal of competing the project. I am no longer shocked at how easy I can usually help find a solution that is acceptable by parties who had become stagnant. You can always find a lawyer to crush the person who is "wrong", but thats not what any of us got into this business for, its not how we profit. It feels good to prove you are right, it feels better to be the one to always manage to work things out.

I offer a free consultation and enjoy helping home owners and contractors find resolution without the stress of what it could be. Nothing to lose by sending me an email and seeing what you can get out of me for free.

I am not a contractor, I am an accredited inspector and consultant for REI (real estate investment) Trust. Good, fact based advice from an expert who is looking to find the quickest and most profitable solution to gain project completion free and clear.

Go on, message me your nightmare and lets get it in the light.

Jeph Burnett