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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

You MUST fail. Its biological.

Every failure not only comes with its lessons, but its confidence. Knowing you have the tools to face an issue only comes with using those tools, when you're being tested.

Look, everyone wants the idea of things far more than the reality. Nobody gets where they are satisfied with every aspect of their lives; unless its delusion, giving up, or they worked hard on themselves.

There is a scientific reality to repeated failures lending itself to greater success. The more times you fall off your bike the more you are likely to learn to not fall off your bike. Its the fear of more skinned knees that stop most from ever advancing to the level of expert. Its the expert that isn't satisfied with the basic peddling of life. They seek out challenges, which is just a really good chance at a failure. Think about the piano players or martial artist. They practice, which means failing, 1000's of times, and seek to fail more.

You can't be an expert in real estate investing without failing. You will chase dead end deals, and dead beat contractors. You will argue with permit departments and totally miss your timeline and budget.

That's why its so important to know as much as you can going into a deal, and during the deal. As an investor you need to be an expert at one thing and that is evaluating the numbers. Making sure that you have the tools (other experts in specific fields) to gain what you need, and to leverage your resources in order to maximize profit. You know what makes hiring experts to do all the work for you easier? A real deal, with great return, that didn't require removing the expert help to get it done.

Don't stress the trying to find the first deal, it never becomes easier; you just become more less distracted by the perceived hopelessness.

Jeph Burnett