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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

how much money to get started?

You need money to support yourself while you educate yourself. If you NEED money, then you are desperate and will be rushed/make more mistakes.

i.e. you work your butt off and learn what makes a 100unit you found off the beaten path a good deal, you get lied to/laughed at, you make 100 calls and never called back, you get pictures taken and several estimates from the contractors that actually showed up when they said, you package it all pretty with pictures and whatnot and I will sign a Non-disclosure with you and view it. If its legit I will pay the money to put a contract on it, pay you to piss off (if thats what you want), and I will pay to move forward w/ the deal. YOU invest your time and people will PAY you for it.

Nothing is more valuable to a wealthy person than their time. Just act like you are a butler to bring them drinks and under valued properties that are off market in which you have sole control over its contract.....and you will get paid bigly. They won't care how much you have in the bank and they certainly won't ask how many single family deals you have done.

Why do you think people who have 20m partner with people who only bring their "expert" label to the table? Knowledge and the willingness to use it on their project to maximize profit and minimize loss. The same reason giant REITs  (Real Estate Investment Trust *some owning billions in real property) hire experts as consultants on nearly every aspect of every deal.  

You can make a billion dollars in real estate and never buy a thing. Anyone who tells you less, just isn't aware yet.

Jeph Burnett