Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

How do I find my deals? I get this question a lot.

I don't typically deal with wholesaler. Most dont have a clue what the actual ARV is and even less clue as to repairs to get it to retail.

Its a business now, (see Networth Realty or Lifestyles unlimited) to promote yourself as an expert and offer leads on deals....that aren't deals at all. I've seen (A LOT) deals straight off MLS for 5k less than was being asked offered with 10k in repairs....only to see the deal needs foundation work, all the make ready stuff, plus a new roof and all new fixtures. Thats 25k but if you point that out, they just move to the next sucker who will believe them instead of making adjustments.

So, I dont' go for wholesales or MLS properties typically. I have always found my deals direct and avoided big nets. (i.e. mass mailers, advertising, internet marketing)

People talk a lot of BS in this business about doing multiple deals a month, and thats great for them. If being busy is the goal then more power to them.

My goal is to work as little as possible, pay my bills, and add to my portfolio of passive income.

So, to answer the question; Time and building real relationships. You can't just call a realtor and ask for "good deals". You can't trust someone off the internet or at a real estate meetup. You need to first learn what makes a deal a deal, and build the team of partners that will serve your needs as you serve theirs. Its not quick, as real relationships take time and evidence of honor.

Jeph Burnett