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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Finding an expert, or at least a truth.

If you asked me "Where do I find experts I can trust?" my answer would be simple.  "Not at any place that claims to have experts." Why? Because MOST people or groups that claim to be experts who are willing to stop investing....stop making the best money to be made....the thing they worked years at teach a class, or be a mass mentor....nah. They are full of it. 

Get in the field. Meet property owners. Talk with property managers. Hell, call a few property management companies and learn what their biggest issues are instead of listening to a bunch of property owners who have never managed properties and feel entitled because they own the joint.

Take learning to heart. Stop following the crowd. Do what works for you. The "crowd" will direct you to their book or website you can buy. While the real experts are too busy doing real property investments to stop and peddle a book or program.

SOME of those things have value, but all are just one or maybe a few perspectives on how things are/can be done. 

The standouts are creative and work hard. Rarely will you hear of the "I started and took small easy steps to my success and utilizing seminars." from a billionaire.

Jeph Burnett