Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Thats a great deal, but I can't do it right now.....

I get a ton of calls/emails (like 2-3 a week) from individuals claiming to be investors, and claiming to want to get their first (or 3rd) deal done. Most fall the wayside once they hear my less than motivational speech about "hard work" and "being 100% honest, starting with yourself." but then some do follow up. They txt me property addresses and ask about price per sq ft for flooring....they seem motivated. 

Its these that frustrate me the most when I send them details on a deal and they say, "Let me look over it and I will get back to you." Then the communication stops, they fall off the map. The calls stop the txt quit and when I finally reach out to see about the actual deal I told them about....I get the "thats a great deal, but I just can't do it right now." Its frustrating. I don't like to invest my time into things that will not give me an ROI. I don't mind that real estate already requires a ton of wasted times and dead ends in order to find deals. But thats because they can't talk to you.

I have 100% no issue with someone not having ANYTHING to offer me other than 100% honesty. Thats fine, if they are motivated and willing to fail then I dont' mind giving them all the advice or leads I have. I refuse to accept that people who ask others to invest time in them and do not have the reward they falsely presented; even if that is them just moving forward 100% on their own. 

If you are just "kicking tires" and don't REALLY have the time / money to invest in a deal then don't act like you do. It will ruin your reputation and from what I have seen, it makes you cut yourself off from people who could have helped you out of your own embarrassment.

I understand situations change....but if you aren't good at maintaining goals and direction under duress...this probably isn't the right business for you anyway.

Jeph Burnett