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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Deals are easy- its just a matter of ignoring "investors" & Pro's

I currently have 4 projects just starting, just got control, and just about to rock these bad boys.

My hardest problem is that I over spend, not on each project but in all the projects. I will buy more deals than I can afford and no matter how much ROI I get I seem hell bent on investing 100% all of it asap. I seem to enjoy "being broke". Having money in my account burns a hole in my pocket and I itch to get it into another project, fast. I found myself "driving for dollars" (just cruising around to see what I could find) this morning (even though I am low on cash) and ran into a mother/daughter prepping a house for sale. It needed a lot of work, but they couldn't afford the repairs. Now I am sitting on yet another deal (owner finance at that) and am sitting on my hands waiting for cash. I have tried "partnering" with people, but honestly most dont' have the funds they claim to have, or don't have the nerves to "let it go". Its confusing, the same people who will ask me questions via txt and email for months and exclaim to yearn for that first deal and yet won't pull the trigger when its a head shot.

I'm in a strange place in my investing- I am to the point where I want to help others succeed, but am tired of being misled. I just can't meet another "pro" who turns out to be just a blowhard with a ton of debt and fake teeth trying to separate me from my money instead of building cash piles together. 20yrs in this business and I am loving the work more and more. I REALLY enjoy the helping of the sellers. I feel I make everyone money when I do a deal. 

Thankfully, I am still not jaded and waste little time with this frustration and am just trying to learn to stop wasting time on finding out who is what.

Jeph Burnett