Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Don't sugar coat turds, they still taste the same.

I don't market myself other than posting on Facebook and Instagram and even that is pretty minimal, and not paid. 

I still get contacted regularly by investors of all types. Complete novices and "seasoned". It seems that only those who claim to be complete novices are also completely honest. 

Almost every single "experienced" investor that calls me tends to prove fairly quickly to be "faking it until they make it.", but I can smell a lie like a fart in a car.

I don't mind helping people or giving advice (sometimes to the tune of an hr on the phone to fully explain the path out of a pickle for a stranger) but I do mind being lied to.

Small stuff to major things but none that are needed to make them look more seasoned, but their lacking of real experience doesn't allow them to know what they don't know.

A lot of tire kickers, and "just looking into getting started", and I have done a couple of deals that ultimately fudge the truth just enough to make me weary of doing business with them (everyone "boast" a little. Its natural)

My big pet peeve however, is liars who waste my time intentionally. They have no desire to do business with me, they only desire whatever they can gain from me and then to move on to the next. The type that ask a lot of questions and want their deals gone over (and over and over) just to not respond to your txt, calls, or emails after that. 

You'd think I would be done with all that BS, considering I just wrote a novel about it. But nope, I still take the calls and return the emails. Not because I like punishment but because I like to be surprised. I like that those calls are a lot like "deals" in real estate. Sure I go over a lot of them that are a "waste of time", but its necessary to find the diamond in the rough that will serve to benefit me. I look at dozens of deals before I buy, and I talk to dozens of "motivated investors" before I find a hustler with real deals or a JV partner on a development.

Point being, sure there are some negatives and the people part is hard because its not easy to verify a person. But the same is true with real estate; a lot of hidden stuff that takes years to see them before its too late.

Dont' BS nobody and don't give up. Success is easy after that.

Jeph Burnett