Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Tips and tricks for newbies

Don't go to groups or meetups or clubs. They are either full of vultures or newbs spreading rumors that will cause more harm than help.

Don't give up, every "fail" is closer to a win. You will need a lot of "fails" to get a win.

Don't get desperate for a deal and do one that isn't a deal. Emotions can blind your reason.

Real estate agents aren't going to find you a deal, very often. If they know what a deal is they either buy it themselves or have investors already that do.

Bandit signs are a crime, and a waste of time.

If you aren't sure if your "deal" is a deal, take it to a hard money lender. If you need to bring more than 2 points and closing cost to the table..its not a deal.

If it sounds too good to be true...

There are NO real wholesale companies. None. They ALL fabricate numbers to make things look like they are profitable then say, "investor must review numbers" and just toss enough newbies at them until someone doesn't read the print or someone who reads but ignores it. 

Pay professionals for services. i.e. get inspections, pay for estimates from G.C.'s, consultant, or professional estimator, pay your sales agent an extra point if they get it sold in 30days. (insure they make all those showings on Saturday.)

and of course, don't give up.

Jeph Burnett