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My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Be Cocky-

I often meet people who have gotten themselves into a  problem property, they mean well and want the best for their project-  but just can't.

Sometimes I get to help and be apart of their project, and sometimes I just give a few tips and send "thoughts and prayers"

However, sometimes I meet investors who are amazing at finance or property location, or even sales; but they just can't get the "flip" or "rehab" part right.

Maybe its because they can't evaluate the needs of the project, or maybe its that they trusted the wrong people for the numbers they needed to know.

At any rate, its not my business model to reach out to investors or market myself as a guru, so the rare time I do boast its 100% about the person I am working with.

No matter how good I am or what knowledge base I have, without a partner willing to communicate and work honestly together, w/out greed, for the benefit of the project; then its just a dead deal.

Recently I met an investor who has spent years in classes and groups trying to learn. Over the last 10 he has spent trying to get back the 2+ million he lost of his and his mothers money.

Someone he met at a "club" convinced him and others that he was a developer, and well you can imagine from there.

In conclusion, this guy hasn't given up and hasn't lost faith in people. He let me look over his last rental he wanted to liquidate and together we maximized its value and turned a profit for us both.

If he would have been greedy or dishonest we couldn't have made anything- it takes honor and confidence to have a long career. Not like "cocky" but like you know that no matter the problems or failures that you can find the solutions that will end in the win-win for everyone.

Jeph Burnett