Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

Trade referrals to strangers- I dont.

I like helping people out, but I dont' get when someone emails or messages me asking for me to refer a trade I work with. I would never refer a stranger who had a construction business over to an investor I knew. 

People don't seem to want to take the time to get to know you before asking for favors-  I have had people message me asking for me to refer them a wholeseller, a contractor, a hardmoney lender, and then asked if I knew a good realtor. cannot build your business off of emailing people already in the business and asking for favors. 

However- NOTHING gives me joy like matching up two people that can and will benefit one another. If I see a hustler who mows grass I am going to refer everyone I know, because I want hard working people who make efforts to be successful in what they choose to spend their life doing.

Several of my trades have gone from single truck, solo contractors, to big shots with several crews. I am just a small part of their successes and being there from the start and never failing my trades makes them loyal.

One of my qualifiers with other "investors" is that if they dont' have any trades in their pocket, then they aren't a real investor yet.

Jeph Burnett