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The markets about to fall out- (supposedly)

Tons of chicken little types running around lately screaming about the housing market-
Well, I have been around for long enough to have been through the changes. Heres my humble view-
The market doesn't change, how you work within it does. The newbies and wanna be's aren't able to borrow money along with the rest of the retail market when banks lock down loans. But that just ruins things for those "making easy money" off of the newbies and the retail buyers...mostly.

If you are buying real deals and using real numbers, and not the "well I can get more because" logic then you will be fine. Sure its not as fast and easy to sell deals, but then it just gets way easier to buy. Its a system of "buy low sell high" that everyone is familiar with, yet people somehow seem worried about how to deal with the change; as if history doesn't exist to look back upon.

For me it doesn't matter what the market is doing, I don't get to control the markets. I can only control my method of investing based on solid facts and not emotional justifications. That way I ensure that I am in the business of investing, and not gambling. Sure things go wrong and I have had times where I had to wait patiently for a long time to gain back what I could have easily lost; but if this is a lifestyle, a career, a passion, then you don't "worry" about much of anything. You just do what needs to be done day in and day out to accomplish your goals.

Jeph Burnett