Real Estate Investor / Guide


My firm belief is that the more info I share, the more value I give.

What and why I do- what I do.

I do residential and light commercial flip rehabs, remodels, and reposition. Including some multi-family (less than 30units) and a few 80k sq ft office projects.

I like working for myself and its why I don't have a huge office or tons of staff. I dont' need/want it for what I enjoy doing. I like taking something others see less value than I do in something, or less potential, and maximizing the value and thus the profit. That’s it. I dont want to be a billionaire or hustle 16hrs a day. I have been there, it sucked.

I can do almost everything a billionaire can do that I want, but with less BS involved. Can you imagine the pain it must be to manage a business to make you a billionaire, and THEN  have to manage the business of being a have to pay people to do everything and pay people to mange the people who mange the people at the different places you have people managing people that work for you personally. Sounds like a nightmare. If I want to go skiing in Vale for a month I can flip a house and pay for it, then look for houses to flip while there, and maybe wholesale something and make some cash...instead of making sure my omelet maker in my 3rd home isn't stealing my good socks.

Jeph Burnett