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Idea's scribbled on a napkin can become legacies by making the proforma a success.

Advocating for the highest standards in investment and development.

With over 20 years in construction management/operations, 15 years as a real estate investor, millions of sq.ft. of commercial, retail, build-outs, developments, take overs, ground up, repositioning, rehabs, make readies, insurance claims as an advocate/consultant, design/building hundreds of commercial retail spaces,and thousands of single family homes, I know about the problems in this business. From finding a company to design/engineer your project to getting through the appropriate city/county permit department. From material selection to final punch out list. From finding rental rates to a qualified management team. Loan docs, to trade meetings; its all a lot to manage.

Most people think of turning to a General Contractor or Real Estate agent for their questions, many look to those who claim to be a pro via marketing, or even an architect  And fortunately there are a lot of really talented and knowledgeable people in this business who are not only experts, but willing and wanting to share. Finding out who that is verse the fly by nights that are out there is where I come in.  Knowing what to ask as just as important as how they answer your questions.

When you employ my services it is with the understanding that you are hiring me to serve the best interest of the project; its quality, longevity, safety, return on investment (R.O.I.), and insuring that all work is done in a professional matter for a reasonable fee, by experts in their field, using the best suited materials for a project, based on the aforementioned factors. 

I have accreditation in a state and national inspection, LEED, and insure all trades are fully insured and licensed for what they are applying. I cannot and do not guarantee success, as I have NO power or control over the direction of the project, budgets, or trades, and only provide fact based knowledge to allow you to make well informed, but your own, decisions.





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Services offered

Litigation Avoidance

Disagreements happen, and when you ad peoples livelihoods, investments, homes, or pride into the mix; things can get sideways fast. I like to find win-win solutions that neither party may have considered. A true mediation; after a proper, fact based, evaluation of the situation.

Risk Managemet

Trusting those who you work with is incredibly important. Both the client and the trade should know they can honestly and openly communicate about all aspects of the project. I work with both "clients" and trades to verify all aspects of  a project to make sure everyone is getting what they expect, and that their expectations are fair; by being hired for the benefit of the project, not whos paying me.

Development/Project Consultation

Site plans, budgets, time lines, qualifying professionals and verifying provided content, site inspections, permit and city/county inspection help, comparable's, documentation, negotiations,  are all services I can provide to increase your probability of success.

R.E.I. Guide Service

Newbies to seasoned investors all run into issues from time to time in the construction/development process. Getting the right info on a project can be the difference between winning your bid and losing it; and the profit you projected, or something much less. I utilize a holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage.


Many times older properties have the square footage to be profitable but are out of "fashion". With literally millions of square foot of real estate being updated/modified under my direct supervision, I have the tools and knowledge to provide long term and short term results.

Basic help/how to/DIy'ers

Problems come in all shapes and sizes, to all who attempt anything worth while. I pride myself on not only being able to provide great value to those BIG investors/REIT's/Developers, but also to someone wanting to tackle a project on their own.  I have hands on experiance in most aspects of construction, and love to share my wealth of knowledge.


The fact based nature of this business makes it easy to verify nearly everything you are told. It takes the guessing away, substantially reducing monetary risk.
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